This Is Us is Marté Egele

This Is Us is Marté Egele was a showcase and celebration of hand made work from the indigo dyed cotton fabric that’s woven in Funtua, Katsina, Nigeria by the This Is Us team to the hand weaving of each handle with cotton threads and the hand stitching of each logo by the Marté Egele team on specifically The Carry Go Oversized tote bag. 

We created 3 tote bag sizes: The Everything (Mini), The Middle Man (Small) and The Carry Go (Oversized).


They were beautifully crafted from Waxed Cotton and Leather. The Middle Man bags from the ThisIsUs is Marté Egele collaboration featured Funtua as waxwear from a centuries old wax treating technique that makes the fabric tougher. It also features a leather top line and handle in Marté Egele signature hand woven cross stitch.


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