The Brand

The concept of the Marté Egele brand started in 2012 and came to reality in 2015. Its foundation is on the basis of family, genuine friendships and individuality, so the pieces, mostly named after family and close friends, are produced in limited quantity in order to ensure that customers have something distinct that represents them and in addition to prevent overproduction.

Marté Egele is uniquely named after our Founder and Creative Director, Uche Martha Egele, a lover of life, travel, design, art and culture.

We are very conscious of the place of Africa in the global environment so the promotion of African craftsmanship and perception of African products are also at the centre of ensuring our longevity and sustainability.

Marte Egele Collection


Marté Egele designs and pieces are high quality and of a unique fusion between a vibrant African culture and a global appeal, with a strong influence from the Art Deco period. They are each hand-crafted by African artisans from Nigeria and Senegal, with leather sourced from the founder’s home city in Lagos, Nigeria.

Additionally, our brand represents strong female empowerment, as is seen by our customer base. We have a goal of improving female presence in art, design and craftsmanship and a commitment to promoting partnerships with organisations that support women.