Marté Egele is the middle and last name of our founder and Creative Director, Uche Egele. She was born in Drenthe, The Netherlands and spent her teenage years in Nigeria before she moved to the United States for her studies in Marketing, Sales and Fashion Design in Womeneswear. She worked as a Design intern at Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, a Design Assistant at the luxury leather brand, Elisabeth Weinstock and in the Technical Design department at True Religion Brand Jeans before moving back to Lagos, Nigeria to work for a womenswear brand, Grey. 

Marte Egele Collection

In 2012, Marté Egele was born out of genuine friendships and a yearning for individuality while our founder resided in Los Angeles. With the desire to create unique, high quality products through the fusion of African culture and Western style, it led to the authentic look and feel of every genuine leather accessory piece that is carefully crafted by our African artisans. The brand was made official in 2015.

What drives us is building a happy, comfortable, organic but geometric environment and well thought out, unique, quality product line for individuals who are in love and interested in travel, culture, design, art and a healthy lifestyle.

Our formula for living is promoting individuality in this heavily saturated conformed world.